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Di Candilo City
State Championship Show 2024

On behalf of the AQHA, the WAQHA presented the WAQHA AAA Di Candilo City State Championship Show 2Q24 at the State Equestrian Centre on 16 & 17 March with Judge Lorelei Payne. The entries were a good indication of how enthusiastic the competitors were, a great range of QH on display in varied events, led and under saddle.

The weather was perfect, sunny and clear, the arena was raked, volunteers eager to hand out ribbons and prizes, competitors keen to add another State Champion title to their riding portfolio. Catering was done by the local Walliston Scout Group, cooking up a storm of burgers, sweet cakes, cold drinks and many other treats, doing a great job delivering the food direct to the consumer, 5-star service.

The show commenced with an opening ceremony with the President Paula Balgera informing everyone about the show. Then we were into the show! Some beautiful horses on display and well executed patterns were completed in the indoor arena. The events on offer ranged from Ranch Riding to Horsemanship, Hunter In Hand, Led Yearling events and the ever popular Halter classes. With 99 classes on offer, there was something for everyone!

Buckle sponsored by Duck Pool Farm

  • Yearling – DP Best To Be Dancin

  • R/UP – FF Twerking Nine To Five

Buckle sponsored by Dash & Paws Dachshunds

  • 2yr old – FF Nothin But Southern

  • R/UP – DP Steady On Cowboy

Buckle sponsored by Bees & Banjos

  • 3 yr old – FF Lopin In The Deep

Buckle sponsored by Cavallino Estate Herne Hill

  • Junior Horse – Hes Somethin Lazy

  • R/UP – Nothin But Lazy

Buckle sponsored by Rockin Horse Ranch QLD

  • Senior Horse – Clairveaux Hot N Sudden

  • R/Up – Littlestone Kryptonite

Buckle sponsored by Karen Nicoletto Show Horses

  • Amateur – Paula Balgera

  • R/UP Rebbecca Zito

Buckle sponsored by Chee Spray

  • Select Amateur – Tracy Allen

  • R/UP – Anne Forbes

Buckle sponsored by Holly Palmer & Tony Smith

  • Novice Amateur – Alexis Kimberley

  • R/UP – Rose Hay

Buckle sponsored by Heaven Scent Dog Grooming – The Mutt Hutt

  • Senior Youth – Charlotte Maney

  • R/UP – Sian Unwin-Carroll

Buckle sponsored by Fly N High Horse Wear

  • Novice Youth – Valentino Zito

Buckle sponsored by Rebecca’s Western Designs

  • Junior Youth – Bianca Balgera

  • R/UP – Lola Ross

Congratulation to all the Hi Point winners taking home an engraved Bob Berg buckle:

And as usual, there were the Teams Challenges, with good numbers in teams once again. Congratulations to the new State Champions.

The Youth Teams Challenge was sponsored by the AQHA Youth Division, Paula Balgera, Rita Driscoll & Janeen McRobert.

  • 1st place team – Charlotte Maney & Bianca Balgera

  • Equal 2nd place teams – Lola Ross & Tea Appleton | Sian Unwin-Carroll & Valentino Zito

The Amateur Teams Challenge was sponsored by the AQHA Amateur Division, Paula Balgera, Rita Driscoll and WAQHA.

  • 1st place - Sara Appleton, Rebbecca Zito & Rose Hay

  • Equal 2nd place – Rita Driscoll, Michelle Hartley & Carly Ganzer | Paula Balgera & Montana Reynolds

  • 3rd place – Sharon Currie, Tracy Allen & Anne Forbes

  • 4th place – Lesley Elder, Bridget De Bijl & Alexis Kimberley

Congratulations to the teams for entering the spirit of the Teams Challenge. Thanks to Leonie Gorski & Yasmin Lee-Steere from the AQHA Amateur Division and Liz Keating from the AQHA Youth Division for the prizes and their assistance along the way, much appreciated.

Photos courtesy of Kelly Thomas Productions

During the show there was a raffle in progress, this raffle prize consisted of a beautiful trolley full of great items, @ $10 a ticket, it didn’t take long to sell them all. The raffle was drawn during the Hi Point presentation by the Judge, ticket Purple D64 was the winner – Janeen McRobert. Valentino Zito was the winner of the $100 cash door prize, everyone gets a free ticket when attending the Hi Point presentations, the Judge drew the winning ticket and Valentino came to claim his prize with a big smile on his face, congratulations Valentino! The photographer, Kelly Thomas, was in attendance both days of the show, thanks Kelly for taking some beautiful state show memories, images available soon.

Some of our fantastic and regular sponsors are :

Anne Forbes, Rita Driscoll, Veronica Bertola, Debbie Stent, Janeen McRobert, Justine Morlet, Debbie’z Dezinger Dogz, Pixi Norton, Willbee Gold, Bevandale Park Quarter Horses, Kirsten Merritt, Pam Eglinton, Thomas Fabrication, Michaela Breen, Jenny Barnes, Pole Dressage Online, HappyNess Artisan Jewellery & Gifts, Chee Spray, ESD Networks, JMAC Cutter, Associated Insurance Brokers, Bees & Banjo’s, Fortunate Farms and Flatliner.

The best volunteers were :

Lana Dentieth, Paula Balgera, Zhana Di Candilo, Tracy Allen, Janeen McRobert, Rita Driscoll, Jenny Barnes, Lesley Elder, Pixi Norton, Debbie Tucker, Katrina Clarke, Kay Tonzig, Yvonne Gallagher, Sharon Currie and John Di Candilo.

The WAQHA committee and members would like to thank AQHA Judge Lorelei Payne and ex WAQHA President (all the way from Tasmania !) Mindi VandePol for making the trek to WA and officiating at our show. We would also like to thank all the competitors, volunteers, spectators, family and friends for attending the show, whatever the capacity, it was great to see smiling faces everywhere.



WAQHA members are in the running for High Point Awards at the end of the show season.  There are over 50 awards handed out.  You need to be a WAQHA member to be in the running for these awards.  At certain times of the year we will show the tally here on this page.  


High point tally has been taken done in preparation for the annual trophy night 7/10/23. 


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